Estos muebles especiales han marcado la diferencia en nuestros retail shop fitting

These special items of furniture have made all the difference in our retail shop fitting


17 Jan 2023

Special furniture makes the difference when it comes to shop design and image. In recent years, the concept of the shop has evolved to become an experiential space in which shopping is more than just touching the product, trying on the clothes and paying for what you buy.

Retail shop fitting has been responsible for generating more attractive points of sale, with surprising pieces of furniture and architectural elements, which have led to an increase in sales and the desire of the big brands to increase their establishments by locating them in strategic points in the most commercial areas within the cities.

Here is a compilation of some retail shop fitting projects in which unique furniture has made the difference.



Funny custom furniture in this retail shop fitting for Desigual Nova Bocana

Desigual's most distinctive shop, the one located under its main offices in Barcelona, was transformed to implement the new image that the chain is introducing in all its establishments.

To do so, we manufactured special furniture with very striking shapes and colours that reflect the brand's identity, which coexist with more neutral ones to create a perfect fit.

Discover the Desigual flagship store we made in Plaza Cataluña, Barcelona.


El Corte Inglés in Castellana, a grand fitting unto itself

The Lázaro Rosa Violán studio is responsible for the new image of El Corte Inglés on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, with 170,000 m2 of floor space in which an open and more diaphanous space is conceived, typical of more exclusive shopping centres and with a more sophisticated aesthetic.

The key point of this project has been the search for uniformity between materials and colours to make the different brands coexist, with a shop fitting designed like a tailored suit, with finishes such as metal, oak wood, steel or microcement.

Nearby we also carried out the refurbishment of RavioXo, the new restaurant run by the best chef in the world: Dabiz Muñoz.

Bershka Porta di Roma, special furniture for an urban, minimalist image

This Bershka shop has numerous specially designed and custom-made pieces of furniture, as well as interactive elements that make the point of sale a space that generates new sensations.

Functional, aesthetic, resistant furniture that directly displays the product, allowing the customer to be in contact, touch and try it in order to improve sales. There is nothing like being close and easily adaptable to succeed.


Lefties, the latest trend in retail shop fitting that includes new spaces in shop

The Inditex brand is at the forefront of retail even including spaces for a cafeteria, video games, clothing customisation, smart fitting rooms, fountains for humans and pets and endless entertainment in its new stores making the shopping experience something memorable.

Technology and automation is evident in areas such as checkouts, fitting rooms, and online order pick-up and return silos, integrating the digital world with the real world to resounding success.