Shopfitting worldwide, la mejor forma de comunicar tu marca a través de tus espacios retail

Shopfitting worldwide, the best way to showcase your brand through your retail spaces


4 Nov 2022

At KIMAK we are experts in shopfitting, always approaching our work from a global perspective. We don't just approach shop design or redesign on an individual basis, but we contextualise it in the approach that the brand needs on a global level. That is shopfitting worldwide.

Because when a brand changes its image, it doesn't just do it in one store, it does it in all of them. And we support it with our ideation, conceptualisation, design, manufacturing and installation work.

When we talk about a worldwide performance, there are several ways to approach shopfitting. One option is to work form a model shop, applying the new design and measuring what works and what doesn't, and then extrapolating it to other outlets around the world. Another is to do shopfitting by region or geographical area, adapting the image to the country or continent.

This second case is more frequent if the brand carries out user analysis and comes to the conclusion that what works in one country or region does not work in others. It can also be the case that transformations are staggered, or that in some countries they work independently. At KIMAK we adapt to all these realities, helping brands to implement their image and make their ideas a reality.

The relationship between shopfitting and store design with BOSTON

When we at KIMAK develop a new image for a retail space from scratch, we are talking about store design. In these cases, our two specialities come together, first designing and developing, and then manufacturing and installing all the necessary elements with the highest quality. This is the case of Boston, a brand for which we developed a new concept, manufactured it and installed it in a turnkey process.

The Boston brand is part of the Mayoral Group and is in full national expansion, with a forecast to reach 60 shops by 2025. A great exercise in store design and shopfitting in which a large part of KIMAK's internal teams took part.


Shopfitting worldwide with MANGO, in full international expansion

MANGO is a great example of our shopfitting work with a worldwide vision. Our most Mediterranean national brand is in full international expansion until 2024, in which one of its most recent milestones has been the opening of a warm store on New York's Fifth Avenue.

This space features handcrafted, traditional, natural and sustainable materials, which perfectly reflect the spirit of MANGO, adapting to the context and the need to implement its image in new markets.