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In compliance with the applicable regulations, CAAMAÑO SISTEMAS METÁLICOS, S.L.U., informs you that this site uses cookies in order to measure and analyse web traffic to enhance your experience and offer a better service. Occasionally, the use of cookies may be related to the processing of personal data, so we recommend that you consult our Privacy Policy.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is stored when you visit a page in the browser of your computer or mobile device, and it allows you to store and retrieve information about your navigation or recognize the user to enable access to certain services.

On this website you can find "technical cookies", technically essential, since if they are disabled, you may not be able to properly access content and services of this website, or your navigation stops if you access a space where it is necessary to recognize the user. Others are the so-called "analytical cookies", which can provide statistics on your browsing or learn about your interests to offer you a service better tailored to your preferences and needs. Disabling these cookies does not affect the functionality of the site, but you may not receive targeted commercial or advertising content.


What cookies are used in KIMAK?



kimak_session: essential session cookie, used to configure automatic and temporary session variables, inherent to the programming used on the page; also, to recognize you if you access a private area or an administration area allowing autocompletion of personal information, or when you log in to perform an action that requires authenticating the user.


_gid, _ga, and _gat: These are Google Analytics cookies, which allow us to learn how visitors use our website.

If you wish, there are tools available for your browser, so that Google Analytics cannot collect your information:

This website does NOT USE any type of analytical cookie for advertising or commercial purposes.

If any advertising or commercial communication is displayed on the page, it is fixed, rotating, or random, with the same criteria for all visitors regardless of their personal identification or navigation.



How can I disable or configure cookies in my browser? 

Remember that in some cases, if you disable them, browsing may be difficult, such as when managing content or checking email.

This process differs depending on the web browser you use on your computer or mobile device, but the vast majority have tools that allow you to configure whether you want to automatically delete cookies when you close the application, or permanently disable them. Therefore, for your convenience, here are some links to learn how to configure the most common browsers:

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When you browse our website for the first time, a banner will appear explaining the use of cookies, so that you can give your express consent to the use of cookies under the conditions contained in this document. Subsequently, you will be able to modify the configuration of cookies to adapt them to your preferences.