What we do

Shop Fitting & Store Design

We conceptualise, design, manufacture and install furniture, shop windows, signs and singular elements, however complex they may be, anywhere in the world.

Shop Fitting experts

Shop and warehouse display furniture

Experts in furniture made of wood, iron, steel, solid surface and a multitude of finishes. Capable of the impossible. Quality oriented: we seek the best result and always want more.

Furthermore, we design dynamic storage systems, ideal for optimising the space and the management of medium and large warehouses.

We have two large in-house production centres with state-of-the-art technology for large production runs in Spain and Shanghai, which provide us with both agility and production capacity.

Masters in window dressing

The art of reinventing oneself in each campaign

Window dressing is an artistic discipline that requires large doses of creativity, which is why our design team works closely with the client, interpreting their ideas and transforming them into perfectly executed real projects.

Each year, KIMAK designs and produces more than 20,000 window displays which it distributes and installs in dozens of countries, bringing the essence of the collections and trends into the language of the brand that represents them.

Our high response capacity and control over materials and finishes allows us to rise to the challenge with confidence, thanks to our own large production centres.


From inspiration to reality

1 Conceptualisation
2 Detailed design
3 Prototypes
4 Production
5 Installing
6 Maintenance
Inspiration Design and implementation Reality

One-stop-shop-partner capable of providing global coverage with maximum agility

From start to finish

We offer a turnkey service, which includes everything from conceptualization, design, prototyping, manufacturing, installation and even maintenance.


30 years of experience and 1,000 projects per year enable us to identify and limit the needs of our clients, which gives us agility and guarantees the best delivery times.


We have worked in 96 countries and know the implications of international deployments. This know-how results in efficiency, process improvement and, above all, in your peace of mind.

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