About us

We like challenges: our extensive experience and high production capacity allows us to take on any project.

Our values

30 years of experience

Three decades of dedication that today we place at your disposal.

30 years of history bring a great deal of experience: nowadays, we have identified and defined the needs of our clients anywhere in the world, which is why we are a partner that can give you global coverage, from start to finish and guarantee the best delivery times, to carry out any project, no matter how complex it may be.
+1,000 Projects per year
96 Countries
40,000 m² production plants
20,400 Window Displays per year
19,000 Interventions per year on site

One-stop-shop-partner capable of providing global coverage with maximum agility

From start to finish

We offer a turnkey service, which includes everything from conceptualization, design, prototyping, manufacturing, installation and even maintenance.


30 years of experience and 1,000 projects per year enable us to identify and limit the needs of our clients, which gives us agility and guarantees the best delivery times.


We have worked in 96 countries and know the implications of international deployments. This know-how results in efficiency, process improvement and, above all, in your peace of mind.

Experts in international projects

12 international subsidiaries. 40,000 m2 production plants.

San Fernando 44
15189, A Coruña
Pinar 5
28006, Madrid, Spain
The Meadows 301, Rt. 17
North Rutherford, NJ
Czech Republic
U Špejcharu 503, 252 67
Tuchoměřice, Czech Republic
Spain A Coruña Madrid
China Shanghai
Czech Rep. Prague
USA New Jersey
#MuyKIMAK Painting Equipment
#MuyKIMAK Oscar Zas, Workshop Manager
#MuyKIMAK Domingo Zas, Methacrylate Manager
#MuyKIMAK Iván Prego, CNC Machine Operator
#MuyKIMAK Raúl Puelles Production Manager Design & Shop Fitting
#MuyKIMAK Amador Marzoa, welder

Trust us

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