Este es el proceso para llegar al concept design perfecto en retail

The 3 steps for a perfect retail concept design


8 Mar 2023

Concept design is the transformation of an idea into a real solution. It is the shaping of ideas that arise in a brainstorming in order to interpret them, develop them and carry them out. It is to analyse the brand, detect its needs and provide solutions with innovative and functional proposals. It is thanks to a perfect concept design that we achieve an impeccable shop fitting.

We apply concept design to retail spaces, architectural elements, shop windows, furniture or any useful element for people's lives. Each project is a new challenge and no two are alike. The concept design process in KIMAK is composed of three phases described below.

Define an axis and a direction to reach the perfect concept design

The starting point is always a brainstorming of ideas from our design department after receiving the client's briefing, which they study and interpret carefully. They generate a moodboard or panel with inspirations, shapes, colours and references to determine a line of work to follow. This first phase is the most important, as it will set the path for the rest of the process.

Concept development

Once all the ideas and inspirations have been put forward, it is time to give them shape. These are brought to life and applied to the brand, to study wether they meet all the necessary requirements that have been requested or detected. The first sketches, drawings and infographics are created to visualise the application of the ideas. They are presented to the client to correct and continue developing plans, this time with a vision of development and manufacture of the models to be implemented.

Prototyping phase

The last phase of the concept design process focuses on the elaboration of the initial prototypes that illustrate the final result true to scale. Finishes are defined, measurements are corrected, if necessary, as well as the procedure to be followed for the manufacture of the rest of the elements that will make up the furniture, interior design or architecture of the brand.


Because, for us, retail interior design is much more than decoration or special furniture. It is the construction of a concept, its maturation and transformation into something unique. This is how we work at KIMAK.