Una pop-up de ZARA x Ader Error celebra su nueva colaboración

A ZARA x Ader Error pop-up to celebrate their new partnership


9 Feb 2023

Collaborations between different brands is a growing trend in the retail sector. One of the most recent -and for the second time- has been that of fashion retailer ZARA with South Korean brand Ader Error, which seeks a new cultural experience with each collection. To celebrate this second collaboration, las November they installed a pop-up exhibition at 88 Rue Rivoli in Paris, next to the ZARA store.

With limited access and by invitation only, this underground space was conceived as a digital environment that combined fashion and techonology and expanded reality and virtual universes. Completely dark, the perimeter screens and the glass cube in the centre of the room, which we developed, manufactured and installed in just one week, really stood out.

The central structure was built that surrounded and concealed two large pillars, and seved as a support for the glass panes that enclosed this room. All the overhead lighting was placed in a polycarbonate grid ceiling that uniformly illuminated the garments and accessories of the collection on display. The floor was covered in Ader Error's characteristic blue vinyl, which is used as a certificate of authenticity and symbolises integrity, purity and originality, values closely associated with the brand.

Inside the glassed-in room were coat racks, shelves, light boxes and other free-standing elements that we made exclusively for this pop-up exhibition that revolutionised the world of fashion for a month.