3 ejemplos de retail shop fitting que marcan el camino a seguir en 2023

3 examples of retail shop fitting leading the way in 2023


2 Jan 2023

Retail Shop Fitting is an area of expertise that goes far beyond placing a series of furniture elements in a shop that distributes fashion, cosmetics, accessories, pharmacy products or pension plans. For us at KIMAK, shop fitting is about creating unique spaces, with personality, which awaken your senses when you enter and spend time in them.

Everything starts with a concept that materialises in a physical space, and customers have to feel it when they walk through it. In this article, we have gathered together three innovative projects that reflect our philosophy of retail shop fitting, and which will lead the way for the future in 2023.

Bershka Forum des Halles, a shop fitting created to enjoy different experiences

The well-known shopping centre Forum des Halles, in Paris, deserved a risky and innovative furniture design, in keeping with its public. The concept we started from was Bershka's return to its own origins. To achieve this, we used the warmth of adobe, the rotundity of steel and concrete and the power of a lacquered iron carousel capable of giving the space a hypnotic movement.

Antonio Flórez de la Fuente, director of Bershka, described this shop as a milestone in the fashion chain's history. Because this shop fitting not only managed to generate a new image, but also a new kind of relationship between the customer and the brand, through a "more modern and up-to-date experience".

Boston, a project that is pure concept design

The challenge of this project was to come up with a new concept to reposition the brand in the market. Something exciting and complex that allowed us to put into action one of our most outstanding specialities within retail shop fitting: concept design.

Our solution was to work with the concept of timelessness, creating the feeling that the brand has always been there with us. To develop this idea we used oak wood, dark metal and polished concrete. We were looking for honesty and the creation of a space to be comfortable in. And we succeeded.


Desigual, a shop design as revolutionary as Desigual itself

Desigual is a brand that doesn't allow conventionalism. In fact, in order to break with everything, Giuseppe Fioretti gave the brand a twist by turning the S upside down. A statement of intent that is reflected from the brand to the retail shop fitting of its shops and commercial spaces. Following that line, we made a slide to connect the floors. We wanted to take the shop users back to childhood, to their dreams. We wanted to break their prejudices and norms. We combined this idea with yellow areas, colour in the changing rooms and neutral-toned spaces to generate even more contrast.


As experts designers in retail shop fitting, we see that 2023 comes loaded with new ideas: the challenge is to create experiences that provoke memorable moments for users/customers/people. Places to which one wants to return because they experience pleasant sensations and emotions thanks to the light, the furniture, the materials, the finishes, the use of wood or metal, the distribution of the product, the technology or the attention given by the staff in the store. Retail shop fitting is going through a period of reinvention and adaptation to new standards: the customer is king and we have to provide them with reasons to come back and repeat.