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Overlooking Plaza Cataluña and located in one of Barcelona's most prominent buildings, Desigual's colourful new flagship store has burst onto the scene in Barcelona to create a new shop concept in which the user experience takes centre stage.

In true Carsten Höller style, a slide more than 15 metres long connects the mezzanine with the ground floor in the centre of the shop, transporting users back to their childhood and awakening desires and illusions that have a positive impact on their mood.

The Project

Distributed on the ground floor and a mezzanine that occupies less space and creates a balcony inside the shop, the Desigual collections are displayed in a new and more conceptual way thanks to the 614 pieces of furniture made at KIMAK. Central furniture, tables, cabinets, totems, mannequins, light boxes, bars, perimeter or hanging furniture made of wood and metal, or decorative panels are some of the elements that can be seen throughout the space.


With a neutral colour base in the architectural elements, the yellow area on the first floor stands out, conceived and designed as an oasis of colour and textures to highlight the chain's most important collections.

The fitting rooms are also flooded with colour, with elements such as curtains, skirting boards, carpets or seats, with less saturated tones that generate a calmer and quieter atmosphere.



Today, a brand like ours makes more sense than ever. People want relevance, not to fill their wardrobes."
Thomas Meyer
Founder of Desigual

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