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Dabiz Muñoz, voted best chef in the world at The Best Chef Awards 2021, has opened a new restaurant where he will break the rules, decontextualising pasta across the gastronomic culture to create a language of its own.

The restaurant is located in the Gourmet Experience space in El Corte Inglés on the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. Lázaro Rosa Violán, the interior designer who is also behind the remaining XO spaces, has designed a more refined establishment without losing the rogue and irreverent essence that permeates the work of the great Chef.

The Project

RavioXO, a mixture of ravioli and ravioso, is a journey through Dabiz Muñoz's traveller DNA. A space that pays tribute to the dish that the chef has been developing for 15 years at his three-starred restaurant DiverXO and that reaches a new level: dumplings.

"We will create our own language around pasta, we will break many rules and tear down dogmas, it will be a constant dialogue between Italy, China, Turkey, Argentina... something very crazy, creatively very free and groundbreaking", said Dabiz Muñoz.

The transgressive concept of its kitchen is reflected in the interior design, where a bar that simulates a ventilation duct, which we have lined in polished stainless steel, presides over the premises and separates the kitchen from the dining hall.

In the main dining hall and the reserved area, we have created a metal structure that sustains all the lighting and the black Marquina marble arches that shape the space.

The manufactured furniture moves away from the audacious to give way to comfort, with full length benches covered in synthetic leather and tables with a central iron base and a walnut-finish wooden top.

The cocktail area features a bar with a polished stainless steel front and black ceramic worktop, where the liquid menu is served with surprising mixes which have nothing to envy the menu. The bottles rest in cylindrical bottle racks with pink chains that were made for the occasion, leaning against the back bar unit.

The reception desk and the console in the exit area have been made with two-way grated steel fronts - which also cover the pillars - and a black ceramic worktop.

A challenge in which we have set ourselves the same self-demanding standards that Dabiz Muñoz applies to his dishes, in a new space governed by a single rule: creativity.

We want to redefine our own codes when it comes to opening premises and cooking".

Dabiz Muñoz

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