Estrella Galicia, La Galiciana


La Galiciana

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia


Estrella Galicia gastronomic market.

The first gastronomic market in Galicia, called La Galiciana, is located in an old industrial building from the mid-20th century. A food court space of 1,200 m² distributed over two floors and 16 food stalls, which offers different culinary options to its approximately 300,000 annual visitors.

Comprising two large areas, the first one pays homage to Galicia with a contemporary and warm design,

thanks to the choice of construction materials and its organic origin coverings.

The second is an old refurbished warehouse with an industrial aesthetic reinforced by the use of concrete and recycled eucalyptus wood, adding personality to the diaphanous space structured around a central courtyard filled with shops and self-service restaurants.


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