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15 years ago, coinciding with the opening of the Inditex group's 4,000th store, ZARA offered us the production of its window and store displays worldwide. It was a field we had never explored before and we were unaware of its evolution, but our response capacity and control over materials and finishings allowed us to confidently take on the challenge, so we decided to accept.

Today, approaching the second decade of work and more than 20,000 displays manufactured per year, display design has become a vital business area for KIMAK. If we were already familiar with the characteristics of materials and finishings, now there is nothing we can't handle. We can make wood look like marble, make lighting appear like a divine act or make what looks like quarried stone look as light as a bird's feathers.

The Project

Despite the constant growth of the online market, physical stores have become places of customer experience. The space, the technology, the retail displays, the visuals, the smell, the staff or the window displays are all part of the shopping experience and the customer's relationship with the brand.

When we started in 2008, retail display elements were standardized to streamline and facilitate their global logistics and in-store assembly. That trend changed a few years ago, when the Group began opening flagship stores and developing capsule collections and limited editions. The creativity of retail displays also moved to the sales floor, giving rise to thematic spaces and clusters to create dynamism in the display, and what used to be three campaigns a year

has become more than 20 creations a year, with much faster and more frequent in-store interventions.

Distributing a retail display campaign to more than 2,000 stores around the world requires a special mention. KIMAK's work not only contributes to design and production, but completes the full circle with logistics and assembly. Sorting, packing, arranging transport and arriving in time for assembly are necessary. A whole process carefully studied and improved over 15 years in which nothing can go wrong.

Far from disappearing, retail displays continue to be a trend that evolves towards new horizons that are merged between art, design and fashion.

Retail displays are of great importance in stores, where Inditex transfers the principles of its commercial philosophy: design, permanent innovation and local adaptation to customers' expectations."


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