The design and manufacture of the Templo Canalla for Estrella Galicia



Madrid, Spain

Case study

The design and manufacture of the Templo Canalla for Estrella Galicia



100 m²

Brewery surface


Parts of the bar front


Linear metres of bar


Capacity in litres of beer

8.5 m

Total height of the structure

Can a single person change the history of a country? The new musical by the international artist and former member of Mecano, Nacho Cano, tells the positive side of the story of Malinche, a woman considered a traitor by the Mexican people after her love affair with the Conqueror Hernán Cortés. A show that celebrates the birth of miscegenation with a mammoth stage set within the theatrical structure installed at IFEMA exclusively for this occasion, featuring a stage measuring more than 29 metres long and 17 metres high.

Alongside this theatrical structure is a 1,000 m² marquee known as El Templo Canalla, which houses the Food & Beverage area and is set to become a reference for nightlife in Madrid. Estrella Galicia occupies the centre of this space with a 100 m² octagonal beer garden inspired by Spanish galleons and the Aztec empire, designed, manufactured and installed entirely by KIMAK.

The Project

Accompanying Estrella Galicia for over ten years in its journey of continued growth and expansion has given us the opportunity to carry out one of the most high-profile projects to date: the Templo Canalla brewery for the Malinche musical. The proposal came to our Design Department with a very clear briefing: the Malinche documentary on Netflix. This was the starting point with which our Creative Director, Santi Costoya, began to develop all the creativity that can be seen today at IFEMA.

The first sketches and ideas emerged for a structure that was to hold six 500-litre beer tanks. Because of the morphology and dimensions of the space, Mr. Costoya soon thought of the old Spanish galleons and the Aztec ruins, two concepts that he fused with great success. The proposal was a perfect fit and we succeeded in leaving the musical's directors speechless.

With the design approved by management and Estrella Galicia, we moved on to the development phase in which our technical office calculated the structure and the breakdown of all the decoration and furniture, as well as planning each phase of the project.

Meanwhile, the design team brought all their knowledge of finishing and materials to the table in order to achieve the desired look. Tests and more tests were carried out, combining the experience of the workshop technicians, until the highest standards were reached, notably on the most important elements, such as the five-metre-high suspended figurehead and the 36-metre-long bar front made of more than 5,500 hand-glued parts.

Other unique elements were also designed and manufactured, such as the 5x5 metre candles aged with coffee, bitumen and a host of other compounds, beer tanks with the story of Malinche engraved by hand or the overhead beer pipes that serve litres and litres of fun to the attendees. A whole network of structures, original pieces and a strong symbolism that stands in the centre of the Templo Canalla for the enjoyment of the attendees.

If we evaluate the entire creative, manufacturing and assembly process, the key to making this very special project a success is clear: the commitment and maximum involvement of everyone whose contribution has shaped this wonderful and unique project.

The project had to measure up to the musical, and for that you have to give 100% of what you know how to do.

Santiago Costoya

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