ZARA escaparatismo



Bond Street (London)


HighTension campaign

A 3D printed '67 Cadillac DeVille parked in the window of ZARA Woman on Bond Street in London during the High Tension campaign for autumn/winter 2020, for which the prestigious creative director Fabien Baron made several short films.

Inspired by Baron's aesthetic, in nine days we conceptualised, re-created in 3D and installed this iconic piece in the centre of London.

A piece-by-piece 3D printed resin structure forms the exterior shell of the Cadillac, reinforced with polyurethane foam on the inside to provide more strength and durability.

After drying, a delicate manual process began to paste, sand and paint, taking care of every detail to the maximum while respecting the natural restoration finishes with the help of a restorer of antique vehicles.

Once the base was finished, we added original parts and details of the brand such as headlights, fenders or wheels. Collector's pieces that bring great realism to the piece.



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