We replicated a New York street for ZARA's window displays

The advertising campaign for ZARA Studio's FW22 collection was created by photographer Steven Meisel and director Fabien Baron, and transports us to the Lower Manhattan of the 1960s with an elegant, sober and sophisticated aesthetic. Hanover and Beaver Street are the two streets in the Financial District chosen by these geniuses, for the Zara models to walk.

True to the campaign's image, ZARA's window dressing department recreated perfectly these two emblematic streets and introduced them in the shop windows of the chain's 15 most representative shops around the world, and at KIMAK we were lucky enough to make it a reality.

We made the facades, lampposts, hydrants, doors, windows, railings, kerbs, drains from

which smoke was billowing... and even chewing gum on the pavement! All the necessary elements to reproduce this New York setting with maximum realism.

The biggest challenge was to adapt the design to the display size of each shop, having to custom-make the modules that made up each set. On top of this, we had to add the logistical challenge of simultaneously shipping and assembling the window displays in all 15 international locations.

To ensure realism, we employed materials such as MDF, iron, steel, expanded metal, mouldings, microcements, concretes, patinas and gravel, among others. An endless array of finishes that our specialists worked on with meticulous care to measure up to this magnificent collection.


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