After numerous tests in the workshop and long conversations with our friends at Estrella Galicia, we have succeeded in integrating the beer tanks, those huge, ungraceful steel bodies that are quite common in breweries, into the decoration of the premises and they have become fundamental pieces in the identity of the brand that they represent.

Spaces that evoke the atmosphere of old English taverns, where the passage of time is reflected in the rust and wear of the materials. Or of the keller, those German cellars where transcendental decisions were taken in the warmth of a fire and a good beer, constitute our initial briefing.


We start conceptualising by recreating the atmosphere behind each venue: an old tavern, an English pub, a Bavarian cellar or a trendy gastro bar; whatever the brief and the intention, we research and put ourselves in the situation.

We worked in the workshop, testing materials and applying varnish or paint until the desired finish was achieved. We used fishing nets, oxides, iron or wood finishes to make the beer tanks part of an avant-garde decorative proposal, adapted to the ambience and needs of each venue.





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