Spain & Portugal


Design, manufacture and installation of the Movistar brand image

Large retail companies tend to maintain and change the image of their shops frequently, and this is exactly what Movistar, with its rebranding project, has been developing steadily for some years now across all its points of sale in Spain and Portugal. The project is based on a new image inspired by the connection between the physical and the technological, which expresses closeness and vitality and creates an emotional link with the consumer through modern lines as well as original and dynamic constructive solutions.

When we talk about a rebranding project for more than 1,000 points of sale, it becomes an immense challenge. The scope of the order applies to all types of shops that the brand has: Movistar Corners, Easy shops and Emblematic shops, with dozens of structural, graphic and furniture elements that make up the work in each one of them. In addition to the number of pieces and elements manufactured - more than 8,000 to date - it is necessary to take into account the different architectural spaces in which the shops are 



located: shopping centres, street shops located in protected buildings, discontinuous façades, on corners, on chamfers, large commercial premises, etc

KIMAK undertook the complete rebranding process, with peaks of up to 14 shops opening in the same week, starting with the civil works in the stores that required it, including the manufacture and installation of the furniture in all its shops together with the legal and image maintenance service for the entire network.

The relationship between Movistar and KIMAK, forged over the years through hard work, trust and a great deal of communication, has taken a new direction with the opening of its Emblematic stores, a large store concept with a clean and bright image, which coexists with the image of the Easy and Restyling store openings, and which takes into account the consumer's opinion in order to continue improving the user experience. The Bilbao and Valencia stores are among them and we feature them here.




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