Bucarest, Rumanía


Manufacture and installation of large-scale illuminated signs

Located in the heart of Bucharest, beside the Unirii Boulevard that leads to the Romanian Parliament, stands the Unirea Shopping Centre, where some of the world's most renowned retail brands can be found. A commercial space with 30-metre high façades for which we manufactured and installed large-scale illuminated signs.

The project, carried out in the middle of winter at sub-zero temperatures, presented KIMAK with a major challenge. We were able to manufacture and install more than 60 4-metre-high elements to be placed on the large façade of the shopping centre. In addition, the treble clefs that make up the Stradivarius logo reached a height of more than 17 metres, which required an unprecedented logistical operation for their handling.

The signs were made of steel and opal methacrylate, with watertight interior lighting, ready to withstand any inclement weather, including the low temperatures that occur in Romania during the winter.

They were installed in record time and at night for safety reasons as well as to avoid disrupting the rhythm of the city by day. Large lifting platforms and cranes were installed to cover the façade and allow the manipulation and installation of each letter that made up the signs. In addition to all this deployment, it was also necessary to apply for permits along with organising the transportation of the large signs to Bucharest, something that we successfully accomplished thanks to our vast experience in this kind of installation around the world.


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