Manufacture and installation of signs, vinyls and signage for ABANCA branches in Portugal.

ABANCA acquired Deutsche Bank PCB Portugal in 2019, after which a rebranding of all branches had to be carried out. The challenge: to simultaneously replace all image elements in 39 branches in the southern half of Portugal in two days.

During the three working days preceding the weekend, all the old signage components were removed in order to prepare the supports and bases for the new ones.

We produced illuminated signs, vinyls, banners, signage and all kinds of corporate elements during the previous weeks, and organised the shipments of all the

material to ensure delivery to all branches on time. Including Madeira, another added challenge.

In order to carry out this mammoth task, we deployed 12 teams of operators divided by geographical areas, perfectly coordinated and with clear instructions to fulfil the plan.

On Friday, when the offices closed, we began to install all the manufactured parts. As if by magic, customers and passers-by discovered on Monday that the bank they had been in on Friday had been transformed. It was now ABANCA.


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