Plaza de España, Madrid

Case study

The largest ZARA store in the world



7,700 sqm

Total area

900 sqm

Glass surface

300 sqm

Stretch ceiling

625 sqm

Stainless steel surface

480 m

Skirting board

The emblematic España building, located in one of the most iconic shopping areas in the centre of Madrid, is home to what is to date the largest ZARA store in the world. The new pedestrianisation of the square and the 1,300 trees planted in the surrounding area make it the ideal setting to test its new shop model: more sustainable and more integrated with its online presence.

The 7,700 m2 spread over four floors, its huge glass façade, the technological integration and the sensitivity in countless details towards sustainability and the environment, make this flagship store a world reference in the design of commercial spaces, fashion and the shopping experience.

The Project

In order to install the large glass facades, some of which are curved and more than 6 metres high, it was necessary to interrupt access to the Gran Vía and the Plaza de España metro station. Transport and installation, which was carried out at night in sub-zero temperatures, proved to be one of the most complicated phases for our team.

The installation of the illuminated stretch ceilings, the metal cladding of stairs and lifts, the manufacture of steel structures to support installations, the furniture for the new lingerie section and the sculptural piece for the main store window display are just some of the jobs we carried out for Zara in this monumental project.

In addition, for the first time, we designed and manufactured a returns robot that allows customers to return garments without having to go to the cash register.

The store incorporates the new ZARA Beauty section, for which we have designed and manufactured the new furniture concept that will also be implemented in other stores. For the first time a lingerie space has been created, previously only available online, which plays with fluid curved lines and in which we have installed very subtle furniture that gives all the spotlight to the garments. An exercise in delicacy executed with the utmost care in our workshops.

The large sculpture in the window display, which has been on the cover of many of the magazines that have covered the opening, is the work of our window-dressing team. Made of satin steel, Krion and methacrylate, weighing almost a tonne and standing more than 5 metres high, it has become the store's most eye-catching display.

This store is going to become a global benchmark for the concepts of sustainability and integration between the physical store and the online world.”


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