Stradivarius Paseo de Gracia


Stradivarius Paseo de Gracia

Barcelona, Spain


Its largest store in the world

Stradivarius has opened its largest store in the world in Paseo de Gracia ,in the heart of Barcelona, with more than 1,930 m2 of floor space spread over two floors. The interior of the store maintains part of the original aesthetics of the Central Bank, which occupied the space until 1999, and still preserves many of its rooms and the vault.

One of the most striking elements is its facade, integrated into a 1919 building consisting of five identical arches, of which Stradivarius occupies four, two with access to the interior and two with large,

fixed windows with a thin and almost invisible black metal profile. The illuminated signs have also been incorporated into a comprehensive project that we have carried out with great delicacy and attention to detail.

In the interior, dominated by beige, cream, grey and white tones, we have incorporated numerous illuminated signs, as well as metal cladding, glass railings and handrails. For the lower floor, where the vault is located, we have replicated some decorative elements to restore this historic space to its full splendour.

*Photos: Stradivarius


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